The “Science in Art” course shows young people the impact…

The ‘ICA Educa’ activity is aimed at schoolchildren aged 6-12 and shows in an educational and playful way how chemical elements have inspired artistic techniques and movements.

On Saturday 9 December, the Institute of Cultural Industries and Arts of the Region of Murcia (ICA) celebrates with a new session of the “Science in Art” course of the Center for Documentation and Advanced Studies of Contemporary Art (Cendeac) in which boys participate and show girls how chemical elements have inspired and enabled different artistic techniques and movements.

This activity by Cedeac School is part of the “ICA Educa” program and is aimed at school children aged 6 to 12 years. It shows in an educational and playful way the presence of physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology in art and materials in four sessions.

The Director General of the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts, Manuel Cibrian, noted: “In this quarter, we have scheduled one hundred activities in the “ICA Educa” programme, the mediation program through which we bring the world of contemporary art closer to the entire population. .. In this action I have taken At Cedeac School, we encourage boys and girls to discover how different branches of science influence and intertwine with art, as is the case in chemistry.”

In this new session of the course, participants are shown how to use luminescent materials or chemical reactions and processes such as effervescence to change the appearance of colors and as a tool to create works of art.

Registration for course courses is independent of each other and must be done in the corresponding section of the website Sindic. Likewise, you can find more information, activity schedules and practical tips to further enjoy the activity. All course sessions are free and space is limited.

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