The salary of Chilean President Gabriel Borik is huge and it is higher than the salary of Ivan Duc

Gabriel Borick took office as President of Chile this Friday, March 11, promising to promote the country, which had been a successful neoliberal laboratory, with a climate, feminist conscience and a welfare state capable of mitigating inequalities. Your community.

The former student leader, who has not yet graduated in law from the University of Chile and is a left-wing vice president since 2014, will become the youngest president in Chile history at 36 years old.

However, thanks to the laws imposed in that country, this did not prevent him from getting a higher salary. Due to the epidemic that significantly affected the Chilean economy, The Senior Public Management Council (ADP) has decided to reduce the salaries of political class, including the president.

At the time, President Sebastian Pinera earned 9,681,545 pesos a month, but the cuts left him. 8,713,391 Chilean pesos, which is equivalent to 41 million pesos in Colombian currency.

This is five million pesos more than the Colombian president Evan Duke earns 36 million Colombian pesos per month.

In a country that seeks a new social agreement, the feminist, environmentalist, millennial and moderate symbols rhetorically come to power.

An avid reader, a fan of poetry in the country of Gabriella Mistral and Pablo Neruda, he does not hesitate to defend world pop star Taylor Swift on his social networks, not to mention the future and social justice of the planet with former Uruguayan President Jose. ‘Pepe’ Mujica.

“If Chile is the cradle of neoliberalism in Latin America, it will be its grave.” He made the revelation in July last year when he joined the Communist Party and was announced as the presidential candidate in the Abrew Dignitad group. Since then, his speech has faltered.

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“We have no model,” he told the media before the first presidential round in November. Its social welfare references go through the Scandinavian countries, Uruguay or New Zealand. Boric distanced himself from the leaders of the Latin American left, who defended it in principle and distanced itself from the Bolivarian governments.

“Venezuela is a failed experience and the main demonstration is the six million Venezuelan people in the diaspora,” he said in January. He rejected the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the repression of protesters in Nicaragua.

In these ways, he invited Nicaraguan writers Sergio Ramirez and Colombian presidential candidate Gustavo Pedro. And to Estella de Carlotto, head of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.

When he takes off his political attire, he is another student who goes out with his girlfriend Irina Caramanos and friends to have some beer or eat his favorite sandwich. Fighter moto t-shirts, shorts and ankle boots that give this fan of rock band air the metal band tool.

He recalled the bearded and disfigured young man who led the student federation of the University of Chile (FECH) and in 2014, when he was 27, took office for the first time as an assistant.

With information from AFP

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