The Ruta 19 Municipal Sports Center has closed the summer season and will continue throughout the year with sports and recreational activities

During the conclusion of the summer season of the Municipal Sports Center Ruta 19, and within the framework of measures to continue improving the municipal sports spaces and provide a greater quantity and quality of activities for citizens, the Secretary for Neighborhood Promotion and Sports, Hector Campana, said and announced the continuity of sports and recreational activities throughout the year in that space.

In this regard, Campana noted: «This space had fewer activities than we thought could be done, and with the efforts of the neighbors and the support of the Municipality of Córdoba, it was appreciated. “The fact that the children were able to enjoy the pool all summer gives us great satisfaction and a great desire to do more things.”.

He added: “Now we want this space to be for them all year round and that is why we will work tirelessly to offer activities for adults and children. “It is a very large green space to take advantage of and we want it to become a meeting and containing place for the residents of the Strip.”.

During the farewell summer session, boys and girls, youth and adults came together to share an afternoon of pure fun. They exchanged and enjoyed various games, hairdressing, 3D printing, boxing shows with boxers from the region, Zumba, and a fun circus show.

Residents of the Barranca Yaco and Bajo Pueridón neighborhoods also enjoyed a shared snack.

In this regard, Elsa Cortes, representative of the dining room at Rinconcito de Osana, said: “I am very grateful for the great work they do at the Sports Centre. To me, it feels like a dream come true that they saw through different eyes. “It's a beautiful place for our children, youth and adults to have this open space to enjoy.”

For his part, Horacio Garimaldi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Sports and Entertainment, confirmed: “We have been successful in the summer season, with a very good reception from the residents of the area and the intention is to adapt the measures so that they continue throughout the year. This sports center is a space with great potential for practicing various disciplines such as basketball, football, boxing and a large number of recreational activities, always coordinating with other areas of the municipal government and working together with community leaders according to the characteristics and “needs of the sector”..

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