The Republican senator warns that the trial of Donald Trump may prosecute former Democratic presidents

A senior Republican in the US Senate warned on Saturday that a second impeachment lawsuit against former Republican President Donald Trump could lead to the impeachment of former Democratic presidents if Republicans take control of the Senate within two years, Agrippress reported.

“If prosecuting ex-presidents is a good idea, then what about (judging some) former Democratic presidents when Republicans get a majority in 2022?” Senator John Cornyn, a 19-year-old US Senate official, said in a tweet directed at To the Leader of the Democratic Majority in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, think about it and let’s do what’s best for the country.

Trump became the first US president to undergo impeachment twice this month after the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, with the backing of 10 Republicans, voted to accuse him of inciting the revolt after his fiery January 6 speech to his supporters shortly before they did so. Attack the Washington Capitol.

Schumer, who became the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate this week, said on Friday that the process to oust Donald Trump would begin the second week of February in the Senate, after the former president’s indictment was sent earlier this week. the future. Schumer said the program would allow the US Senate to confirm President Joe Biden’s nominations for his administration and deal with a massive economic aid plan to tackle the coronavirus crisis.

Photo: House of Representatives website

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