The Regional Council presented “Alpujarra Almeriense”, a work on a “unique and unique” space

RÁGOL (Almirza), February 26 (Europe Press) —

The Institute for Studies of Almería (IEA) of the Department of Culture and Cinema of the Diputación de Almería presented the work “Alpujarra Almeriense” from the group “Guías de Almería, territorio, cultura y arte”, in a work that took place in the town hall of Ragul (Almería) attended by many residents, as well Mayors and members of municipal councils in this region.

It is a business in which the “keys” to a “unique and unique” space on the territory of the province are compiled by about thirty specialists. This edition looks at Alpujarra of Almería from different points of view (nature, economy, history, traditions, heritage and culture) that aims to bring the reader closer to its people and its vast cultural history.

the mayor of Ragul, Miguel Rodriguez; regional deputies Almudena Morales and Matilda Diaz; Watchdog Administrator Mario Pulido, and two co-authors of this work, Alfonso Ruiz, group coordinator, and Lorenzo Carra, coordinator of this volume. The event ended with a performance by Ragulinia Music Group.

In a press release sent by the Prefectural Foundation, Vice-Culture and Cinema Almudena Morales highlighted the “importance” of the work that constitutes Volume 17 of the collection and which deals “inclusively” with a region consisting of 26 municipalities. In the province, more than 25% of the total.

The work was planned by the watchdog as a choral and interdisciplinary work, addressing the Alpujarra in Almeria “from multiple points of view”, some of which “will surprise the reader”. Almudena Morales highlighted the “detailed and documented” work done by the authors of this volume and noted that “this work is necessary to know in depth, in an interesting and educational way, through a very attractive visual design and history, the roots, characteristics, customs and significance of the peoples that make up this region.” Wonderful to discover the cultural and heritage treasures that Lapujara hides.”

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