The regime cut off the Internet to the viral Cuban mother asking for decent treatment from the government

Cuban rule Removed Internet service to Cuban mother Amelia CalcadillaWho went viral Social Websites After condemning the hardships he endured in order to support his three children, he demanded that the Cuban government treat him with dignity and that he resign.

Calcadilla’s statement provokes support and attachment from Cuban mothers and fathers And his direct was shared hundreds of times. Similarly, the use of the hashtags #TodosSomosAmelia and #YoTambienSoyAmeliaCalzadilla has expanded on Twitter.

In response, the young woman said in a conversation with Cuban activist Cylie Gonzalez Velasquez, Got a “visit” from three people sent by the authorities “interrogated her for what she said. Her internet was hacked in retaliation”Velasquez condemned on Twitter.

In a telephone conversation with the operator, aired Page All CubaAMelia said, “I am very grateful to all the people who somehow showed sympathy or solidarity with my problem. (…) and with everyone who approached me to offer something cheap, even if rejected. (…) Nobody paid me or gave me anything. “

He acknowledged that the interest in his complaint had caused some concern in his young children, so he focused on them, and “I did not have internet when I went to my mother – in – law’s house and now I do not have internet,” he confirmed.

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“I see this as ignorant because if people ask me where I am, it is a generalized notion that something happened to me and nothing has happened to me yet,” he said.

Commenting on the mothers who expressed solidarity with her position, she said, “Such a great greeting (…) To all those who did not let me feel lonely and did not regret how I felt for a moment, I want to thank Koda Cody. (…) Gentleman, tell your truth and be honest with yourself so you can be honest with others, “he stressed.

On the contrary, Official networks also rallied against the mother. The Twitter profile Barricade Cuba, anonymous pro-government profiles come together and lash out at him, in his live broadcast “Luxury lights in all rooms, expensive window displays in MLC stores. (…) What kind? Are you talking about poverty? Amelia? What the hell is this?”

The usual smear tactic used by the regime and its spokespersons against its critics led him to respond at the Sungo Babel Profile Publishing House: “In the end, communism was against the poor, not because it was pathetic, but because he did not say thank you …”

Cuban comedian Ulises Toirac has downplayed himself in his comments Facebook wall: “Who cares: Amelia Calcadilla is not an enemy. ‘I’m going to free her alive,” he said, warning of any possible revenge.

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