The recovery of public space in Manizales ecoparks advances

The Mayor’s Office of Manizales holds days of characterization and recovery of public space in properties of the Ecoparks Network that have been invaded for years. It does so through the Ministry of the Environment, in alliance with the Office of Goods and Services of the Secretariat of Administrative Services and the Institute of Culture and Tourism (ICTM).

Óscar Fernando Pineda, Inspector of Environmental Surveillance and Control, mentioned: “We characterize all the invasions that are throughout the Los Yarumos Ecopark. The objective is to impose police measures and stop the occupations, as they go against the missionary nature of the ecoparks ”.

The Manizales + Grande Administration will continue to map all the lands to determine the limits of the ecoparks. This with the purpose of advancing in the procedures for the recovery of public space. “Among the measures taken is the delimitation of the area, seizure of cattle, eradication of illegal crops, eviction, among others,” Pineda explained.

Juan Gabriel Arango Martínez, general coordinator of the Ecoparks Network, pointed out: “once we make the interventions, the idea is to establish the fences of each ecopark under the Yellow Strip project. We will work with the community on issues of environmental awareness and on the importance of reforesting and recovering these spaces so that the biodiversity of the point has more habitat ”.

The Yellow Strip project delimits the boundaries of ecoparks and provides support to the community on issues of environmental education and responsible practices for the benefit of the environment.

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