The reason that prompted Alexis Vega to continue to score with Sivas

Rojiplanco Attacker is looking for a personal brand that can enhance his ties to establish himself abroad.

Alexis Vega goes for his own record
© Figure 7Alexis Vega goes for his own record

Alexis Vega best attacking note for Sivas de Guadalajara So far in the Glasgow 2022 tournament, he has not only scored five goals to support his game, He has intercepted every attack of the Ricardo Cadena team, For this reason, he is not wearing a red and white shirt, but he is close to breaking his personal best when he plays in Toluca.

Gru in this campaign has scored five goals through consistent performance What did you achieve Despite the problems of the Holy Flock from Marcelo Liano Accepted the rule, however, as the striker stood alone for his excellent games and for the strength that was a headache for the defense of rivals without playing in the natural center forward position.

In this way, Vega is looking for his best mark as an attacker based on his goals scored, Already passed With the Chivas shirt, because in Clausura 2019 he scored four goals Since then it has come down to the fact that this competition has been very effective since Perla came to Tabatia in December 2018.

Which brand does Alexis Vega want to surpass?

Vega arrived in Guadalajara from Toluca after Aberrora hosted its best tournament in 2018, There he was able to break the enemy nets six times, and aroused curiosity The Rojiplanka leadership bought it from the Mexican team for six million dollars.

Now he has two more games Despite advancing to Likuilla, Gunner can match or win his personal best The list of games will be huge, with the potential to deliver the best matches in terms of goals. This will increase your bonus so that the herd will fulfill your requests Also get more attention from some clubs or persuade him to sign his renewal abroad.

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