The prosecutor sued the legislature for appointing Magistrate LC Tunas

The case has the drawbacks of absolute zero, especially since he was already a magistrate whose term ends on June 30, and the plaintiff’s attorney claims that he is unlawful by extending his term.

The appointment of Elsie Tunas Loos as a member of the Constituent Assembly a few hours ago against the electoral process following the dismissal of judges from the Constituent Assembly claiming that “the legally established procedure for electing Supreme Court judges was completely and utterly flawed”.

Constitutional Advocate Enrique Anaya has filed a lawsuit against the full session of the legislature that elected Tunis on May 1.

In his application, Anaya said that since he is a judge of the court ending with June 30, he cannot extend the term of his appointment, which is why the zero deficit is high as he was the judge of the court. The assembly has done.

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That appointment, Anaya says, “is in fact a completely illegal extension, extension or extension of her term as a magistrate.”

They have said it was not a dismissal, but an “alternative” from the Presidential Palace and especially from President Naib Bukhale, but in the opinion of lawyer Anaya, this does not apply because there are no vacancies to fill the constitutional chamber.

“In any case, the title of the license. Dunas as Magistrate of the SCN / CSJ cannot be beyond the period of his election as a Magistrate, which expires on June 30/2021, but he shall not resign from the SCN / C. Since SJ was appointed as a magistrate on November 15/2027, the term for a magistrate has been illegally extended for more than 15 years, ”says Anaya.

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Anaya’s other argument is that Tunis Loos was not included in the list of 30 candidates sent before the new legislature took office as a result of the legally established process, but there was not even a public review of the legislative political commission and no public parliamentary debate.

With this appointment, the delegates who elected him were appointed to the Organic Judiciary Act, CNJ. Anaya claims to have violated the law and the internal rules of the legislature.

Three days ago, Anaya filed a lawsuit against the entire legislature for appointing three judges to the constitutional chamber, namely: Luis Javier Suarez Magna, Hector Naham Martinez Garcia and Jose Angel Perez Sasan.

“This appointment is deficient in absolute zero as the legally established procedure for electing judges of the CSJ, including the Constitution Room, is fully and utterly provided,” the plaintiff said.

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