The president is annoyed and says that politicians are interfering with the progress of building a wall with Haiti

President Luis Abinador denounced the presence of politicians interfering in the Dominican government’s negotiations with the owners. Lands A perimeter fence was discovered along the Dominican Republic’s border with Haiti.

“Many politicians stop playing politics with a job that is very important to this country; because politicians from other parties act as moneylenders and say they are going to collect money from them and at very high prices, here we must also be Dominican and nationalistic; having a fence to protect their property. Intelligence for them,” said the head of the executive branch during a press conference at the National Palace.

The president was active and bumped into the table as he spoke.

The President took advantage occasion to report that the first phase of the fence’s construction will be “delivered on time” and that they are already in place Bidding process A secondary level that “has more to do” with technical elements.

The Ministry of Defense said that the first phase of the project involves 54 kilometers of physical fencing, 19 watch towers, 10 entry gates and 54 kilometers of roads to be patrolled on both sides.

There is Border fence It will be divided into 6 sections distributed in sections 1 and 2 with a length of 25.3 kilometers in Dajabón and Monte Cristi; Section 3 in Elias Pina, 3.5 kilometers; Sections 4 and 5 in Jimani, 17.2 kilometers, and Section 6 in Pedernales, 7.8 kilometers.

Abinadar started construction in February this year, saying on the occasion that the first phase would be completed in “nine months”.

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