The political space that was born to “restore conservatism”.

“Unidad por Jujuy” is called a space that was born with a main goal: to beat the candidate of Gerardo Morales in the provincial elections of May 7. It consists of about twenty groups, unions and social organizations linked to Peronism but organically distant from the Justice Party that Rubén Rivarola leads today. However, they stressed that the doors are open “for anyone who wants to restore the province.”

This past Friday, this space opened its premises on Av. 19 de April, a few meters from the main headquarters PJ.

Jose Surita, one of the candidates of the Evita Jujuy movement, explained in an interview with El Submarino Radio (FM Connect 91.5) The goal “is to form an electoral front as broad as possible to be able to win the candidate of Gerardo Morales in the next elections and to restore the province to change the economic, political and social course, and above all the judicial one.”

On this last point, he noted, “Today Gogoi does not have independent powers. The legislative branch has become the office of the governor, and the judiciary, along with the police, is the executing arm of a policy of intimidation, imprisonment, persecution, and even infiltration into all sectors, not only social organizations, but also trade unions.” And the neighborhoods ».

For his part, National Deputy Julio Ferreira said: “We are trying, stripped of all selfishness and of all personal issues, to see if we can bring together well-meaning Kharijites who want to work for Khojuy.”

In conversation with submarine radio, The lawmaker described: «The province is in a very dangerous economic situation. We owe dollars that we won’t be able to pay, there is no work and the salaries are the worst in the country. And the Justice Party, which can put pressure in the legislature to avoid certain matters, is linked to the government.

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This political space was born from the so-called multisectoral v. Tarifazo, which merged last September in the face of arbitrary increases in the electricity service. Later, he spoke out against the draft constitutional reform of the executive branch, thus expanding the scope of its goals.

Among the many political references who convened were National Senator Guillermo Snopec, National Representative Julio Ferreira, Provincial Representatives Deborah Juarez, Mara Ferreira, Juan Cardozo, Emanuel Martín Palmieri, Alejandro Snopc, and councilors from various cities in the province.

“There is a sector of UTEP made up of ten social organizations, and we who built them are contributing to see if we can create a large unit space to compete and win back the district once and for all. In order to get Gogoi out of this economic and political decline,” Surita explained, also mentioning the Revolutionary Communist Party and organized street workers.

In the face of the provincial elections on May 7, the aim is to present their candidates who propose a program to be agreed upon in these days. Surita revealed that “a political, economic, social and cultural project will be discussed, from now on.”

Ferreira declared that “the candidates will emerge from the congregation, from the majority, as it ought to be, because there must not be any kind of personality, and no one rules more than the other.”

“some justice”

The UxJ headquarters is located a few meters from the historic home of the Justicialista party, which for some could be interpreted as a provocation. However, it is from the new space that they assert that “the doors are open.”

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“What we want is to create a party justicilista that really has a semblance of justice,” said Ferreira, because now the government is actually made up of the Morales Rivarola community. There is no discussion about that.”

“Obviously, it is also an invitation to the Peronism that Rivarola is leading today,” Surita explained. If there is indeed a call to restore the province, to return to a Jujuy existence with real and tangible individual liberties, to restore the democratic pact that this government has put into practice, then there is no other way than unity.

These days, Surita said, they hope “the rivalry will realize that they have to come close,” although they “have not given signs or signals, so we understand that this space probably won’t be worth it.”

In any case, he explained, UxJ is “an open and wide space, which comes from multisectors against tariff, then against constitutional reform and today turns into a political expression to fight in the gubernatorial elections.”

-There is a sector that says the limit is Rivarola-Morales. what do you think?

-that’s it. Others suggest that the cap is Morales. What we don’t want is for Rivarola to come in and try to impose himself and put everything together like he used to do. Some comrades suspect that Rivarola or the Justice and Development Party he leads has the intention of winning the governorship, because it is convenient for extremism to continue to rule. But PJ is so much more than Rubén Rivarola. We’re also talking with the Justice Party’s candidates at the national level to get them to step in and start aligning justice for Jujuy.

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– Have you spoken with National Representatives Laila Shaher and Carolina Moises?

– Talks took place with Representative Shaher. You also think that the way is loneliness. They also spoke with Carolina Moisés, they have been participating in the meetings but have not been in the recent meetings. But we think it’s sectors that will come closer. What the entire political leadership must understand is that this is for the greater good of our people. Just as the national team understood it, the team that played in an orderly fashion, thinking not only of itself but of an entire country that was expecting great happiness, the leadership of Jujuy must understand that trivialities must be put aside, and sectors, which, if we do not unite, will continue Jujuy in decline, in poverty, indebtedness and marginalization, but above all losing the individual rights of all Jujeños and Jujeños.

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