The political committee of the PLD convenes to hear the reports of the commissions

The political committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) met this Sunday to hear the reports of the commissions appointed by the organization to use the resolutions of the last Jose Joaquin Bide Medina Ordinary Congress.

The event takes place in the Bienvenido Sandoval Room of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) National Palace, behind closed doors for members of the press to receive explanations of the decisions taken after the meeting.

In the reports issued, the plans of the organizational dynamics, regulations and procedures to be followed in the national territory and abroad are derived from the statutory mandate and resolutions of the Congress, as well as the profile or bodies of the various secretariats at work.

At the meeting, 42 of the party’s 45 members of the party’s political committee are present in the presence of Danilo Media, the party’s leader and former Republican leader; The board of directors consists of the party’s general secretary Charles Mariotti and Margarita Sedeno, Demostogles Mostas and Gonzalo Castillo.

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