The PLD Political Committee meets to address aspirations for internships

The political committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) meets with the aim of obtaining reports on the profiles submitted by candidates for positions in the secretariats.

It was also announced that arrangements and agenda would be made for the PLD Central Committee meeting to be convened on May 9.

As the meeting takes place in a room in the PLD’s National House, communicators are waiting for the results of the meeting.

Former President Danilo Medina, as chairman of the PLD, presides over the meeting, as is Charles Mariotti, Secretary-General and former Vice President of the Republic, Margarita Cedeno, former President of the PLD, Demosto Gilles Montes, past presidential candidate, Gonzalo Castillo, Cristina Lizardo, who is in charge of the minutes and Jose Ramon Fadul, the political representative of the Central Electoral Board.

The meeting, which began at 10:45 a.m., was attended by 43 of the 45 members who make up that internal organization. Lucia Medina and Miriam Cabral presented their excuses.

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