The PLD extends its membership to 45 members

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) announced today that it has approved the expansion of its “bases” opposition political committee to 45 members.

The announcement came during a press conference at the party’s National House.

PLD members said they voted for the organization’s ranking and file through a virtual full session held from Sunday to this morning.

Of the 2,667 invited, a total of 1,878 recognized party representatives voted in favor, of whom 1,482 (78.91%) voted to approve the expansion of the company’s merger. Only 396 people voted no.

One detail to highlight is that although the full session was almost held, about 30% of the delegates invited to attend did not.

They understand that it is functional

Over the weekend, two current members of the Political Committee, Reynolds Parade Perez and Jose Thomas Perez, pointed out that the addition of 45 would become an “inactive organization”, which was denied by members of the Regulatory Commission.

He understands that they have the right to “disagree”, but Danilo Thias said they still need to respect the choice of the majority.

“It is their right, they can express their opinion. However, within the party’s restructuring plan, a province is assigned to each member of the political committee and they have to submit a report every time they are requested, where you provide functions,” the PLD leader said.

On her side, former education minister Alejandrina German says the political committee will not function, although now with the large number of people, she understands that the “central committee will be one that cannot be managed”.

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The PLD’s political committee currently consists of 35 members, including the president and general secretary.

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