The players and Nasser coming out of the marathon?

Marathon was eliminated in the semi-finals by Modagua and failed to reach the final again.

Marathon did not qualify for the final again after being eliminated by Motagua in the semi-finals. Get to know the players who could leave the Purslane club.

With no time to lose, Marathon is already thinking about building his squad for the next campaign.

First, Salomon Nasser is not guaranteed to continue in the marathon. The strategist ended his contract, leaving his continuation with Green up in the air.

“His contract practically expired today. Now we are going to wait to see what happens and meet with him to make a decision,” said President Orinson Amaya, adding that Salomon Nasser’s continuation at Marathon is in doubt.

Walter Adrian Ramirez: He’s been fired and is considering a change of scenery because of his lack of minutes. The talented left-hander will not continue in the marathon.

Allan Panegas: His contract with Marathon has expired and all indications are that he will not continue with the Green team.

Kilmar Peña: The forward, who has just finished his contract with Marathon, will see his continuation with the Greens.

Unni Dolmo: He has signed with Marathon but has not ruled out a loan to another team for the next campaign.

Andre Orellana: loaned by Olimpia in Marathon, which is already over. Everything points to him returning to the Olympic team in 2024, although there is hope of reaching an agreement with Albos to buy his chip in green.

Orinson Amaya has caused a stir by announcing that he is considering stepping down as marathon chairman: “I have never resigned. Since I took over the team until today, I remember trying to stay away, but I don’t want to make a premature decision, I want to talk about it with my family,” he told journalist Americo Navarrete.

Marathon, on the other hand, is wasting no time and has already signed up for 2024. Additionally, it has introduced an offer for other players.

Ivan “Chino” Lopez: First confirmed signing by Marathon for 2024. The left-footed attacker hails from Modagua.

Bombshell: Marathon have officially announced the signing of Alexi Vega, who arrives from Victoria. Purslane Club paid Victoria 3 million Lempira to sign the 27-year-old left-hander.

Rubilio Castillo: The Honduran goalscorer has accepted an offer from Marathon to join the Purslane club.

Carlos “Zabpetilla” Mejia: El Marathon is interested in the right-back, who is a free agent after terminating his contract with Real Espana.

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