The parties demand that the TSE not release consolidated votes during the counting of votes

VAMOS questions the party affiliation of those in charge of counting for night shifts.

At least four political parties deny that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) did not inform the people about the progress of the legislative review process. Also, they deny that it is only a political party that is committed to publishing the possibility of a legislative assembly and not the TSE.

According to current results, 19 seats have been released as belonging to Nuvas Ideas by media outlets affiliated to the Nuvas Ideas ruling party like Channel 10 and from Cyan party accounts.

The TSE, whose transparency and impartiality have been strongly questioned, indicated in its X report that the audit of the sectors of Cabañas, San Vicente, La Union, Morazán, Chalatenango and Cuscatlán had been completed.

According to: Irregularities reported in verification include marker and invalid ballots recognized as valid.

The site, run by the polling agency that purports to release the data, does not show the total number of votes cast by department or the distribution of Congress seats.

The ARENA party feels that the non-disclosure of results by the TSE is another improvement of the college system.

“The process is the same as it was: update, failure, fraud. This is the first time that the court does not even have a network point to upload decisions, the court only receives orders from the ruling party or publishes what the ruling party says,” said Carlos García Saade, president of ARENA.

“But the only culprits here are the Chief Justice, Justice Guillermo Wellman, Justice Noel Orellana, Justice Ruben Melendez, Justice Marlon Cornejo and have yet to show their faces,” the tricolor leader added.

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VAMOS assumes that party decisions are subject to the procedure by which they were obtained. The party recalled its assurance to the court that the election results would be announced in a transparent and timely manner.

“In none of our past elections have results been received on time, more so if we go sector wise. “Political parties cannot declare themselves winners without the court giving at least the result of a preliminary investigation,” vice Claudia Ortiz condemned.

The Nuestro Tiempo party considers the TSE's debt to citizens for the lack of information on the progress of the count, which did not happen for the presidential election count, when there were screens to follow the development in real time.

What TSE owes to the citizens is that we can share the progress of the vote-by-vote count of the Legislative Assembly on the website, but we do not have an estimate of how the minutes are going and how they are being distributed. The seats are going. ” lamented Andy Filer, head of Nustro Tiempo.

Ramiro Navas, candidate of the Nuestro Tiempo party, said transparency is one of the main elements of an inspection process, but neither parties nor citizens can censor its transparency if there is no progress on how it is. Progress at every table, he noted.

For the FMLN, the non-renewal of inspection by the TSE creates uncertainty in the process. For deputy Tina Argueta, the lack of a consolidated agreement to date does not allow citizens and parties to understand how to tell how many representatives are consolidated.

“Why is it important to reveal more than just pictures or aggregates? Because that's really where you can compare the data. I am making this clarification because in some tables the cross vote marks are not counted and entered as they should be,” said Efemelinista representative Annabelle Belloso.

The parties are asking for “at least” screens or a portal to follow the process with transparency. As Judge Wellman stated, the FMLN lacks sufficient elements to guarantee transparency, support or monitoring of the prosecutor's office.

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About tracking

Observers and supporters of the Nuvas Ideas party have thronged the inspection site, the latter spending their time in the area reserved for journalists, clapping and supporting the party's slogans.

Magistrate Julio Olivo, in a statement, requested the regulation of the presence of security guards for each party, as an excessive representation of only one person at the tables would disrupt the examination. In addition, Olivo pointed out that “individuals unrelated to the study were observed” on the desks.

For its part, the VAMOS party was concerned about the people inspecting the night sessions.

“Who are working as data entry operators, TSE representatives at the tables and especially those on night shift. Yesterday we saw a very large group that came to respond to the summons of the court, but we have information that some political parties influenced the recruitment of these people,” Ortiz said.

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