The Palestinian Communist Party justifies its commitment to transform Sumar into a “wide space” for parties and groups

Central Committee of Spanish Communist Party (PCE) It approved a political report supporting the need to form SUMAR as a “broad front” in which “political organizations, social groups and individuals are equipped with radically democratic mechanisms for territorial expansion, expression, participation and decision-making.” .

As described in a statement, PCE will provide Somar with “its experience in… Building affinity spaces We will work to make organization and social mobilization the main guarantee for governments working to expand rights.”

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To retreat.

“Don’t let anyone look for IU and PCE Settlement of accounts or confrontations Within Sumer,” the report states, which also justifies “the validity of the policy of establishing the broadest popular unity around a national project.”

The Communist Party asserts that “popular unity must combine social and political alliances with those who share that need.” Strengthening the Red Column of Sumer From a position of loyalty and searching for agreements with the Green Pole and integrating thousands of people who do not fit into any of them and want to build a political force that affects the political reality with a progressive program.”

The report did not mention the inauguration attempt Alberto Nunez Viejo. Along these lines, he considers that the 23J result “made it possible to halt the advance of the right for the time being and avoid the government of PP and Vox.”

However, he also notes that “the result Makes renewal difficult Formation of a left-wing coalition government between the Socialist Workers’ Party and the new political space of Soumare, led by the Minister of Labor and the Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Diaz“, which needs the support of nationalist forces “that have a democratic character, and maintain positions and ideas linked to the interests of the bourgeoisie in economic or tax matters.”

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“Federal model”

The Permanent Electoral Council affirms that it will work to “reform a coalition government that allows progress towards the federal state model, always under equal conditions of self-government for all lands and peoples of the state and in matters of restoring areas of civil and civil rights.” “Freedoms.”

He also claims that “Somar’s approach to Catalan sovereignty allows for the opening of avenues of dialogue that make today Support these sovereign powers To reshape the leftist coalition government.

“Constant harassment”

Looking ahead to a potential new progressive government, the report warns that “Harassment by right-wing and far-right forcesas well as large economic and communications groups, this government will be permanent, and spread A massive delegitimization campaign And not recognizing it from the moment of its formation.”

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