The New York Attorney’s Office says Trump already has tax revenue Solidarity Political News

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office received the taxes it had been demanding for months Donald Trump, Then The Supreme Court refuses to read a case To block sub phones issued to former presidents’ accountants.

Cyrus Vance, a spokeswoman for the Attorney General’s Office, confirmed that the documents were received on Monday, the day the Supreme Court announced that it would not take up the case, the second time the Supreme Court has ruled against Trump’s aspirations.

According to CNN, the first sales outlet to report the matter, millions of pages of documents on tax revenue and other financial documents for lawyers from January 2011 to August 2019 were added, indicating that Trump was in the White House for two years.

The documents were provided by Mazars USA, an accounting firm that was submitted by Vance’s office in 2019 to hand over information as part of a major arbitration hearing into Trump’s business finances.

Here are some of the legal battles Trump may face, despite being re-elected in the Senate

The prosecution has begun investigating Trump’s funding in a case in which he allegedly paid two women (Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougall) during the 2016 presidential campaign to have an affair with the then president. But prosecutors say they have expanded their focus and are investigating possible tax or financial fraud by the Trump administration.

Since the process began, Trump’s lawyers have, at first, argued that they have enjoyed complete immunity from any trial (an argument thrown out by the Supreme Court) and, then, that the prosecution is in the process of conducting an ‘information search’ to punish your client. .

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After hearing the court ruling, Trump issued a statement in which he said, “This ‘fishing trip’ should never have been allowed by the Supreme Court, but they did. (…) It was something that never happened to him. It was passed in a democratic circle, in the city and in New York State. Something completely inspired by the party. “

While managing to pay Daniels on Trump’s direct orders, in 2018, his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was jailed after being charged with multiple tax and bank fraud and election campaign laws.

Trump has not yet been charged. The job of the great arbitral tribunal is to determine if there are enough lawyers to open a case against you in court.

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