“The new marine space will be transcendent to Gandia’s current and future development” –

José Manuel Brito: “The new marine space will be transcendent to Gandía’s current and future development”April 24, 2024Last updated: April 24, 2024

he Gandia Mayor José Manuel Britoevaluated the main points of the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) held yesterday, and other aspects affecting the future of the Port of Gandía and its surroundings.

First of all, about The old Club Náutico area concession by the PAV Board of Directors of Alcara Infraestructuras To develop a new marine space, Brito stated that citizens “It will restore a main area of ​​the beach which will also contain a commercial area, and will include rowing and sailing schools and recreational spaces.”. “This is good news and important for the current and future development of our city.”. For the mayor, “The completion of this file represents the creation of a new space of opportunities for citizens.”.

the The planned investment is 8.2 million euros and implementation takes 24 months.. This award is valid for 35 years.

This event will be a new economic and investment engine on the beach for this marine sports area that can be enjoyed by all those who want to use the facilities, have a boat or want to practice water sports. “We can only hope that business gets underway quickly and that we can enjoy this Legislature.”.

This project adds to A major transformation of the port with an investment of six million from the Port Authority to redesign the shed area. This project is in the drafting stage to become a reality, and work will begin at the beginning of next year. A measure that opens the port to Grau, generating nine spaces for citizens' entertainment and generating opportunities, to which will be added Establishment of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography thanks to an investment from CSIC and the Ministry of Science worth €16 million.

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Approval of the new definition of the port area and its uses

Secondly, the first municipal authority reported that yesterday the Bank of England published the order of the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility approving the new definition of port spaces and uses of the Port of Gandia, opening the area for citizens to enjoy. Spaces such as the Breakwater, the Plaza de la Llotja, the Moll dels Borja, or the areas around the Church of San Nicolau become under the management of the Council.. “Now we will be able to manage them in a more effective way to integrate these port areas as open spaces for everyone.”.

Prieto also reported that this ministerial order also classifies other port spaces that have become other departments, such as Case Venice Beach, affiliated with the Ministry of Coasts.

“In short, we are making progress in integrating these spaces to make them available to citizens and create opportunities.”he announced.

He finally announced that on April 30 the agreement will be signed with the Director General of the Port Authority who will give approval to all these changes to complete the major transformation of the port and the maritime area of ​​Gandia.

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