The new intelligence unit of the Air and Space Army begins work

The Air and Space Army Had a new unit for a few days, the Space Intelligence and Targeting Center (Sentier), located at the air base Torregon.

create the This new unitfrom extinct 47th Air Force Mixed GroupIt responds to the need to adapt, the Air Force explains, to “demand increasing in the number and complexity of missions, and seeks to carry them out with maximum efficiency with the resources allocated.”

Cintaer becomes certified organic and certified organic Air Combat Command (MACOM) And within the structure Armed Forces Intelligence Systemframed in Tactical Intelligence Subsystem (SITAC) From the Army Air and Space.

Thus, it constitutes the body for the implementation of its basic level, and is the main reference in matters of intelligence, JISR (Joint Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissancein its English abbreviation) and targeting In the field of space, in addition to supporting electronic warfare, ”the details of the Air Force.


The unit has two different groups in its organization to develop intelligence and targeting products. On the other hand, the Intelligence Group, which is responsible for reporting risks and threats to space operations, is working to update databases for areas of responsibility. Within this group is the cell PED (production, exploitation and publication)which performs the tasks of the remotely manned air system predator.

On the other hand, the group targetingwhich explains doctrine and procedures targeting In the field of space, including among its abilities primary and intermediate study ObjectivesWith the aim of analyzing critical vulnerabilities and creating the desired effects.

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All individuals are likely to enhance structure Aerospace Components Command (JFAC) every time it is activated.

The official presentation

The formal introduction of the unit into law took place on December 1, which coincided with the 40th anniversary of its creation 408th Electronic Warfare Squadronwhich provided an opportunity to bring together veterans of the same genre, as well as from Air Intelligence Center and 47 mixed groups.

During the ceremony, which was presided over by the Chief of the Air Combat Command, Lieutenant General Francisco Gonzalez Espresati AmiensAlso honored are the seven airmen of the 408th Squadron who died in the tragic crash on March 22, 2000.

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