The new head of intelligence in Spain has a dark past in Cuba

Esperanza Casteleiro has been appointed the new head of the National Intelligence Agency (CNI). SpainWill be expelled from Cuba In 2009 After engaging in a process Spying When operating a network of Spanish agents in Havana.

According to various Spanish press reports, The officer’s mission in Cuba lasted six months after Raul Castro expelled her from Madrid along with two other agents.The dismissal of Vice President Carlos Lodge and then-Foreign Minister Philippe Perez Rock may be relevant.

As provoked by the media GoalEsperanza Casteleiro Llamazares (1957) reached the pinnacle of CNI after nearly four decades in the Secret Service. He came to Cuba in 2008, but his existence has not been properly ascertained by the regimeIt practically stuffed her into her hotel.

But he was expelled in Havana in February 2009 after the arrest of Cuban businessman Conrado Hernandez, a representative of the Society for the Promotion and Industrial Reform (SPRI), an organization of the Basque government. He will fly to Spain.

He was charged with espionage in 2011 and released from prison in 2021. Reported Cyber ​​Cuba. Various sources label him as a spy for the Spanish CNI.

Representatives of the CNI in Havana, which is affiliated with the Spanish embassy, ​​denied any involvement in the case. In mid-May, then-Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moradனos announced that he would be steadily replacing the CNI members involved.After Havana released the diplomatic complaint.

Among those affected by the decision was Casteliro Lamasரேres, who allegedly used information provided by Hernandez, a close friend of Lodge and Perez Rock, to learn about the plans of the Castro leadership and to plan with government leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. In Madrid, a change to democracy on the island.

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The officer accepts CNI’s order after Boss Estepon leavesThe first woman to hold that position, however Rejected as a result of espionage corruption using the Pegasus method Three members of the Cabinet, including figures from the Spanish independence movement and President Pedro Sanchez.

In his first appearance in front of the media on Tuesday, Casteleiro Llamazares said that precisely thanks to CNI many “accidents” and “jihadist attacks” had been avoided in Spain, although he acknowledged that “a step forward” was needed, EFE was quoted as saying.

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