The new five-year terms will recognize transversal merits obtained throughout the scientific system

The valorization of the scientific path was the mainstay of the conferences attended by the Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, and the Minister of Universities, Joan Soberates, which witnessed some new developments. Science Law and in which Morant announced that the terms of the new five years, whose invitation would be published before January 30, would recognize the Transversal advantages Obtained throughout the science system, both abroad and in the national territory.

So far, as Morant points out, the public research organizations (OPIS) They took into account only the benefits obtained in OPIS themselves, “leaving out the benefits that could have been obtained abroad, in other centers or in universities”.

“With this new five-year configuration, all the advantages of the entire system are taken into account, with the preference for the system to be unique and preferred regular platforms The minister added to the media that it should be there among all the research centers.

With regard to the Law of Science and the Law of University System (LOSU), the first and second of which were approved in the Senate, Morant explained that they wanted to “build that stable profession to bring Spanish researchers out of that eternal adolescence in that which seemed to live”. The two laws are intended Increase rights. We’ve broken barriers, transformed the system into a better system of science, and we’re on the right track,” he said.

The connection and link between both criteria is, in Morant’s words, “to reinforce the role of universities as spaces for generating economics, social and collective progress, rather than just individual ones.”

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The Minister of Science and Innovation wanted to highlight the importance and importance of Spanish universities as the “cradle” of research. “I want to point out that 75 percent of research in our country is carried out within universities, and therefore the support of departments is essential,” he stressed.

In terms of financing, Morant noted that the government is “managing higher budget of history,” and that is why independent communities are asked to take common responsibility, “so that they also do their homework.”

Finally, referring to the brain drain, the Minister of Science made it clear that we have an opportunity for this contain and reverse itSince then “because of cuts and austerity, the past decade has been a drain on Spain”.

Referring to LOSU, the Universities Minister confirmed that he intends to increase Objective guarantees In selection committees as a goal in connection with competitions for access to teaching positions.

In addition, to facilitate the attraction of international faculty members, the regulation will speed up access to the academic profession and the renewal of the workforce, and will cancel accreditation to access the first stage of the academic profession (Physician Assistant).

scientific career

During the event attended by ministers, Raquel Utti, Secretary General for Research at the Ministry of Science and Innovation, was also present, which affected the “harmony” that can be observed when comparing the Science Act and the Universities Act.

Raquel Utti, Secretary General for Research at the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Ute called out some key elements of both regulations, such as, for example, Improve working conditions In a pre-doctoral contract, a post-doctoral journey path aimed at reaching SECTI and aligned with R-2 and R-3 phases, indefinite contract inclusion of scientists, technical and administrative staff related to lines of research and/or i + D + i contracts Redefining the distinguished researcher contractTaking into account the privacy of the researcher in the national health system, promoting and attracting talent, equality and gender perspective.

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Regarding this last new point, Yoti indicated that it is a fundamental and transversal change, with a twofold approach. Among the measures included are the Equality Against Harassment Plans and Protocol; a Balanced presence in committees, judicial bodies and awards; Measures to eliminate biases, integrate the gender dimension, and integrate a gender perspective into strategic documents.

In conclusion, the Secretary General for Research at the Ministry of Science and Innovation emphasized the novelty of the new contractual method, Contract for scientific and technical activitiesassociated with the development of scientific and technical activities for all types of research cadres within the framework of specific research lines.

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