The mystery of Hamilton Palace, the abandoned mansion is worth $ 55 million

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It is larger than Buckingham Palace and has a dark and spectacular past. In East Sussex, Hamilton Palace is an incredible mansion built 36 years ago.

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Pushing away from the A22 motorway junction south of Auckfield, it boasts of being the most expensive private house ever built in the UK. Today, it is not only a mysterious life ruin, it is shrouded in myth and said to be haunted.

History of Hamilton Palace

The house, which requires an investment of $ 55 million (approximately மில்லியன் 40 million) – was built in 1985 for British billionaire Nicholas van Hookstrட்டm, one of Sussex’s richest men. But the property has never been completed and there is no indication that anyone will live there, The Mirror reports.

Known as the “Haunted House of Sussex”, it is located in a dense wooded area and is currently inaccessible to anyone, and is located at the entrance to the estate very close to where you can walk.

Kent Live describes a brick driveway and a large white container, which reveals nothing at the entrance to the estate, from the closest place accessible to livestock.

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