The most important thing is to be Sequoia Perez champions: Honda

Sergio Perez Has become an important part Red bull In the fight for the championship of drivers and builders, he considered Doyoharu Tanabe, Director of Technology Honda for Formula 1, Who now highlighted it Max Verstappen Has firm support in its fight against Mercedes.

Perez is occupied Third place in the championship with 84 points, Are important to keep Red bull On top of builders with Total 215 units (From the other 131 leaders Max Verstappen), A harvest that adds to the teamwork he did with the Dutch, especially evident at the French Grand Prix.

“If the situation had been the same as last year (in the Paul Rickard circuit), Hamilton would have been free to dig the pit again. But Perez was there, and Mercedes could not move freely. In that sense, we can use teamwork, mechanics, engineers, strategists and pilots. Your presence is very important for the future, To be champions Builders and pilots “, Tanabe analyzed.

He pointed out that this is the only thing they need to see since the Honda and Red Bull merger Verstappen To compete Only against Lewis Hamilton and Voltaire Botas, A trend that has been reduced by hiring Czechoslovakia.

“Perez joined the team this year and Little by little it increases its rhythm. Perez’s life (in France) is determined, and he is good at racing even if he fails to qualify. In Azerbaijan, when Verstappen retired, Perez, who was in second place, won. What did Verstappen do against two Mercedes until last year, It has gone from two to two“, He insisted.

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Engines upgrades

Knowing that Mercedes Not to be outdone, Honda continues to work on its engine to deliver the best tools to its customer Red Bull.

We are introducing new areas Can develop in every race. This is on the team side. The power unit is always the same, but we learn to use things like power management. Depending on the power unit and each stroke. I will analyze the properties for the next round. I think Daily growth is related to current progress“It simply came to our notice then.

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