The most Awaiting short film The Simpsons Clash is Now Streaming on Disney Plus

In today’s world, short films are had more demand in the market and most people are also had a lot of love for short films. Now, Disney has announced a new short film on their platform. And it was most awaiting new animated short film which is coming under the name of “The Simpsons: The Good, The Bart and the Loki”. In this short film, our wonderful Loki star Tom Hiddleston gives the voice for his iconic character for this short film. Moreover, people are easily enjoying this short film on the Disney+ platform. The studio is also released the new poster for this short film which is available on Disney Twitter.

Simpsons On The Couch - NEW Paint By Numbers - Canvas Paint by numbers

It was the inspired post by Marvel’s 2019 blockbuster Avengers. In this short film, many attractive several Simpsons characters are acting as the Marvel heroes and villains. Most people also love the Marvel characters especially the children who love the Marvel characters. The new poster displays that the Loki is in the center and other Bart Simpson are surrounding the Loki in the Endgame poster. The Ant-man is given the green look which is looks looked like horrible and he was also well dressed. Then Lisa Simpson appearing in the character of Jane Foster and they are also presented in the Marvel comics which is run became the Thor. And Natalie Portman is also playing the role of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Carl Carlson is playing the character of Homer Simpson who is the co-worker of the nuclear power plant and they are seen in the Nick Fury on the poster. Everyone already sees Maude Flanders, who is the captain of the marvel and it was presented in the Military antique store for the owner Herman and he is also the captain of America.

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Our beautiful Young Milhouse plays the archer Hawkeye with the Moe’s Tavern and our drunkard Barney is considered as the Iron Man. This short film completely follows Loki and he was playing as the banished from Asgard and they needed to face the toughest opponent. Furthermore, the God of Mischief has had an important role in the short film. They play the tribute to the Marvel cinematic universe of Superheroes and other villains. There are many goosebumps scenes also available in the short film. This film is completely based upon the story of how the team tackles the problem of their opponent team. And how they recover back from these struggles. Moreover, the second Simpsons short film is an ongoing series for utilizing the wide range of brands that are coming under the Disney Umbrella. The interesting episodes are also available on the online platform. And the interesting episodes are also available on the platform.

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