The moment a missile fell from a journalist in Ukraine

A French reporter was near the explosion in Gramadorsk

While preparing for a live report, already in front of the camera, A journalist was close to being hit by a Russian missileIt fell meters from a French channel’s mobile location in the Ukrainian city GramadorskIn the east of the country, intense shelling continues on both sides.

Paul Gasnier and his companions Heloise Gregoire Y Theo Palfreyof the project quotidian of the chain TF1Monday night was meters from the impact, which was captured on video. Fortunately, all three survived unharmed.

“I haven’t seen the film,” commented anchor Yann Barthes from France with a shocked face.

The Special Envoy recounted: “We didn’t know if there were any victims, anyway we were the only ones outside, We were in the parking lot in front of our hotelWe were there for an hour and we were ready for the transfer”.

“We don’t know where it fell, we know that It was very noisy and we had dust in our eyes and mouth. A part of the hotel entrance collapsed on us and the windows were broken,” he added.

Paul Gasnier, minutes before the explosion

“It was very confusing and we didn’t know what happened. We were very scared but we are all safe“, confirmed Gasnier, who admitted that “his hands are still shaking a little”.

After the blast, the group took shelter in a place other than the hotel. “We followed the journalists who took refuge in a church in another part of Gramadorsk, so now I am in the premises of a religious congregation,” he said.

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A German newspaper reporter Build He suffered minor injuries in the same bombing.

Journalists from AFP Four loud explosions were reported Monday night in the Kramatorsk region, the de facto capital of Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said on social media on Monday that it had carried out strikes near the city and in the Kharkiv region, where it said it had killed “more than 70 foreign mercenaries”.

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