The Minnesota Twins are introducing redesigned uniforms

The Minnesota Twins unveiled new uniforms on Friday It seems Redesigned housing, outer and replacement caps, plus a new secondary cap and updated font.

“This is the culmination of an evolution that our organization has gone through,” Twins executive vice president Joe Polat said. “It’s a visual representation. We haven’t made significant changes to our uniforms and signage in quite some time, and haven’t completely changed our signage since 1987. It just seemed like the right time.”

The aim was to simplify the uniform with elements from different eras of the Twins franchise. One of the driving forces behind the redesign came from a generational shift in the way fans consume baseball.

“Many of the ways fans interact with their teams is on their cell phones, so we looked to create uniforms and signage that could be read across physical and digital media,” Wolff said.

The new home jersey has the Twins text across the chest, no shading or multiple colors, it is now only written in red. Additionally, the Twins emphasized “winning,” a tradition introduced in 1987 when Minnesota won the World Series. The road uniforms feature pinstripes, previously only on the 2010-2018 home alternate uniforms.

“The goal is to create something timeless, and the measure of success is longevity,” said designer Matthew Wolff, who grew up a fan of the twins. “The longer the logo lives, the more successful it is. With the kits, City Connect is timely and right now. But when you’re talking about a team’s core identity, they have to be built to last.”

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The uniforms also feature a new cap with a white “M” and red logo, the logo now used by all four of Minnesota’s sports teams. The “M” cap marks the first time the team has worn a letter cap since 2013.

“The ‘M’ hat has a very strong interest around it, and when we discussed it, we talked about bringing it back,” Pohlad said. “But we didn’t want to spoil the good stuff and wanted to do the next one.”

The front of the house features a navy blue shade of Minnesota with a red North Star where Minneapolis and St. Paul are located.

Additionally, the Twins are introducing a new alternate uniform with a cream-colored base and “Twin Cities” script across the chest. The cream colorway contrasts with dark navy blue and an all-over navy cap.

For Wolff, a lifelong Twins fan, the project was a dream come true.

“That’s how good it is. I hope the Twins territory likes it, but ask me again in a couple of years,” Wolff said. “If the Twins win the World Series in a uniform I designed, I’ll die happy.”

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