The Ministry of Science entrusts the people of Vigo MIL111 to honor Ramon y Cajal with an art project in Madrid

Under the title “Nexos”, creators Iria del Bosque and Borja Bernardez -MIL111- present an audio-visual art piece that is projected onto the vegetal exterior.

Iria del Bosque and Borja Bernardez. | //mile111

Thus, the first images are displayed with an emphasis on plants to later mimic constellations, neural networks, stars in the universe, or passing meteors.

“We intended – explains Borja Bernardez – to make a journey from the microscopic and the macroscopic. In it videomapping We started with a neural network of 3D neurons with a camera that moved between them and left, as if opening the field, to move symbolically into a cosmic neural network that crossed the galaxies until it reached a divine vision to see its formation. Universe.”

Expected network.

Iria del Bosque adds that what they were looking for, with this audio-visual piece, was to present a journey that pedestrians can see in a way that makes them feel or understand that it “belongs to the three grids” and, therefore, “it is part of the work.” Thus, through light, space and sound, it is offered to contemplate the consciousness of being, its presence in the world and the multiple ways in which the human fills existential voids, as MIL111 points out.

“The brain's neural network is very similar to the cosmic network.”

Iria del Bosque. MIL111 artist

To reiterate the relationship between the different networks reflected in the piece, Iria del Bosque adds that “the neural network of the brain is very similar to the cosmic network. Galaxies communicate just as neurons communicate.”

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The basis of artificial intelligence

“We offer – adds the creator – A journey through the neural networks of our time. We rely on the biological neural network referring to the neural theory and dynamic polarization law of Ramón y Cajal. The second is the artificial neural network because the work This world was the foundation on which it was built artificial intelligence. The third neural network, which we call Cosmic, represents the work of astrophysicist Vasa and neurosurgeon Feletti who proved that the structure of the brain and the universe have many similarities.

Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Influencing the Present

Regarding the main reason behind the tribute to the character Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Del Bosque points out, “This is the third year of Cajal’s three-year term. It is the tribute that the Ministry of Science pays to his character. We were commissioned to make a piece in his honour. We called it “Nexos” because we wanted to show how Cajal’s work still has an impact today in various disciplines.

A piece of the Madrid Design Festival

The artistic intervention is part of the Madrid Design Festival programme, with executive production by La Fábrica.

In addition to “Nexos”, the MIL111 range has recently been developed Another piece “spiral”. “We presented it exclusively at the InterSección Festival in La Coruña, which suggested that we participate in the competition. Although it is audiovisual, it has a section to connect it to art. With “Vortex” we contemplate parallel universes. Our intention is to start moving it and developing it. “In it, We were actually thinking about making a neural network into a sculptural piece,” explains Borja Bernardez.

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