The Miguel Hernandez Library has reopened after improving the children’s space

library consultant, Eva Garciaannounced the reopening of the Miguel Hernandez Library, after completing the improvement of the children’s reading space in its facilities and the launch of six new stations for public consultation.

Added to this is the reopening that took place on January 16, when The La Paz Library reopened after the Christmas period.

The measures in the Miguel Hernandez Library included the renovation of the shelves with the aim of making better use of the space, providing more light to this area and better comfort, especially for the little ones.

library director, Francisco Garciaemphasized an investment of more than 13,000 euros, which was allocated to the replacement of shelves and the acquisition of furniture for the “bebeteca”, consisting of chairs and tables adapted to the size of the smallest users of the facilities and incorporating cushions, also adapted to the palace.

The furniture removed from the library was donated to AMIF, which would use it to outfit its own facilities, in a collaborative and restoration work that sought to give a second life to items that—while not meeting a library’s needs—yes, were in good condition.


In addition to the new bookshelves, which made it possible to reconfigure the children’s reading and counseling space, the library was also equipped with six new terminals for general consultation.

The mayor of the library, who is also in charge of the IT department of the City Council, emphasized that “the renovation of computers has been completed, which will obviously be beneficial for users who will have faster equipment with better features.”

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The investment in furniture must be added to the cost of new computers already available to library users.

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