The mayor of Santiago rejects the ACIS agreement with the Haitian ambassador

The mayor of the municipality, Abel Martinez, said the agreement between Santiago’s Association of Traders and Entrepreneurs (ACIS) with the Haitian consulate, which benefits Haitian citizens with irregular status in the Dominican Republic, was considered unconstitutional and unconstitutional.

Similarly, he assured that the municipality of Santiago would not recognize contracts that would benefit any foreigner residing in the country illegally and that this measure would consider criminal sanctions.

The mayor warned that ACIS does not have the authority to sign agreements with the Haitian consulate that will benefit Haitian citizens of irregular status in the Dominican Republic.

He said the ACIS, through its chairman Sandy Filpo, was engaging in activities that did not authorize it, pointing out that “this agreement is illegal and violates the Constitution and the sense of municipal decree and protection”. Dominicanus “.

He said it violates all clear rules related to Santiago’s development. “The Santiago Mayor’s Office approves any type of contract that is not regulated by law,” he warned.

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