The mayor of Ciénaga begins restoring public spaces in the historic center

It is noteworthy that in the colonial terrace located in the historical center of the city and the architectural heritage is being carried out restoration and air-conditioning work on this property and the contractor has put a temporary fencing of wood and plastic, which obstructed the view of pedestrians and drivers and also occupied part of this important road in the city center.

Thanks to the strict inspection and supervision carried out, the municipal administration through the Secretary of Infrastructure, Alcides Aguirre Hernández, was able to restore not only the public spaces, but also this section of Calle 9 with Carrera 11B was immediately enabled .

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“The Balcón Colonial has a building permit, which was delivered directly by the Ministry of Culture for being part of the architectural heritage of Ciénaga, however, since the work had been paralyzed for a long time to the standards of the owner. The contractor was the contractor. The request to clear the temporary enclosure he submitted for Avoid future commuting accidents,” noted the Minister of Infrastructure, Alcides Aguirre Hernández.

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