The mayor of Becerril laid the first stone for the construction of a public space in the village of La Guajirita

Becerril Mayor Raul Fernando Machado Luna, accompanied by the local community in a great plastic act, has laid the first stone of the project “Construction of Public Space of the Main Entrance of the Village of La Guagrita, Becerril Municipality, César Province”, which will benefit more than 500 residents of the strip.

This important work will have a positive impact on society and will provide employment, tourism and development opportunities for enterprises.

“Today is a day that remains in the history of Becerril. We are not only thinking of this center, which is logically the first beneficiary, but also of Becerril, and we believe that this point becomes a tourist sector of the district and the municipality.

Within the framework of the project, it is envisaged to improve access to the village of La Guajerita, by building pedestrian platforms with hexagonal concrete slabs; Installing lighting fixtures that will provide security for passers-by, waste bins, planting native trees, installing children’s toys for children’s enjoyment and benches.

“Since my previous government I have wanted to honor the lives of the people of this area, and that is why we have paved the main street. Today we are investing again in this great business that will bring progress to all and will provide great opportunities for La Guajirita and Becerril. It will be a beautiful place where many will desire,” the president said. to spend their day and get to know him.”

Residents of the region expressed their enthusiasm for the administration that Machado Luna has done and making sure that the business will have a great impact on the region, will boost tourism and provide more job opportunities for the residents of the municipality.

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“This work was expected for a long time and, thank God, by Mayor Raul Machado, this important management of the community has been achieved, because it will provide job opportunities and income for the family, and it will undoubtedly change the way of life of all the residents, because tourists will come to the area and they will make a good impression of our area “, Via Sebastian Laguna, President of the Labor Council of La Guajirita.

For Marlin Orozco Molina, a resident of the town of La Guajerita, this work is due to the efforts made by the mayor, Raul Machado, and he also called on the local people in the town to take an interest in the work, which according to it will have a benefit for everyone.

“We are very grateful to the Mayor for such a wonderful job that he will leave us in the village of La Guajirita. This administration will beautify the area. We have to learn to take care of things. I am making a call so that we do not run to ruin the work, but appreciate, care and appreciate it, so that later we can say This job has been left to us by the mayor, Raul Machado Luna, ”confirmed Orozco Molina.

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