‘The Marvels’ trailer reveals the end of Secret Invasion | Video

The new movie Wonderful Studios Just a few months after its release, the work of promoting it has also started. While the first trailer that came out 3 months back didn’t garner much positive reactions, this second trailer and the closeness of the series Disney Plus‘Secret Invasion’ begins to speculate more about the future of studies in cinema.

Actors like will act in the film Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury); Brie Larson (Carol Danvers); Iman Vellani (Kamala Khan); Javeh Ashton (Dar-Ben); and Deona Paris (Monica Rambo).

Marvel’s reveals the end of Secret Invasion

The series Secret Invasion Samuel L. The film starring Jackson received positive reviews from the audience, however, now he has one more chapter to complete his story. Obviously, although we don’t know how everything will be resolved, it is believed that the end of the series will be connected to the beginning of this tape.

In the trailer The Marvels Nick Fury is seen on the SWORD base in space. There, talk to Captain Monica Rambeau and get her abilities that you saw earlier in WandaVision. Let’s remember that in that series, a Skrull told him to go back into space, so some fans are already assuming that the ending of Secret Invasion and WandaVision will connect to solve everything in The Marvels.

Spoilers ahead for Secret Invasion

Obviously returns Captain This could mean a cameo in the Secret Invasion series, where after returning to the space base, he goes on a call. Nick Fury In the last episode of the series.

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Let’s remember that after visiting his own grave, Nick Fury calls out to a mysterious character. Although many pointed out that it was his KravikOthers believe that the villain of the series ultimately involves a superheroine.

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