The Mario Mátar Municipal Rock School will operate at Le Parc Space

Strategic alliance. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture provides facilities for the school and Guaymallén will also offer 15 workshops to promote the agenda of the famous cultural center.

once again Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture And the Municipality of Guaymalin Finely tuned. They have already worked together in organizing Carnival festivities, on Paseo Federal and in blessing the fruits, all within the county's calendar of activities.

Now cooperation between the two organizations is happening again. Mayor Marcos CalventeAnd Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture Diego GarecaAn agreement was signed under which the province provides facilities Julio Le Parc Cultural Space So that students can Mario Matar Municipal Rock School; For its part, the municipality will provide 15 cultural and sports workshops to relaunch the project Le Park Neighborhood ProgramThis is with the aim of the residents of the region enjoying the courses and the beautiful cultural space.

In collaboration between Cultura de la Provincia and Guaymallén, Le Parc comes to life in the presence of students and mostly neighbors from the surrounding areas of the space located on Miter Street, meters from Godoy Cruz (Belgrano, San José and Nueva Ciudad). However, the workshop offer is open to all Mendoza residents who wish to access it.

“Today we offer this possibility to the Mario Matar Rock School that is permanently operating in the structure of the Julio Le Parc Cultural Center and of course also to offer a social and cultural program open to the neighbors to guarantee precise access to culture as a true expression,” said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture Diego Gareca.

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The regional official noted that Le Parc is “a cultural center located in the province of Guaymallén, in an area that is very popular with many neighbors and many neighborhoods and what we are looking for is precisely that we can achieve a participation in this space these neighbors.”

Gareca also noted that “a few days ago we announced that the Film and Video School will also operate in the Cultural Center. We are developing the idea of ​​education with culture and then being able to connect cultural spaces with educational practice, in this case the School of Rock, a program that the Municipality of Guaymálin has supported for more 10 years ago and it has given very good results.Results.”

Mayor Marcos Calvente said that the arrival of the School of Rock in Le Parc “represents a big boost for the institution; a school that has been operating in rented facilities and sometimes does not have the necessary characteristics to carry out these tasks; in this case, it is a facility with ideal conditions.”

The mayor also explained that with this agreement “we seek, on the one hand, to give activity to Le Parc, linking this institution to the department and the area in which it is located, and also to strengthen the operation of the department’s school of rock.”

Regarding the Barrio Le Parc programme, Calvente stated that the aim is to “create an offer of different types of activities, both cultural and sporting, so that the inhabitants of the area have access to different programmes. This emerged as an initiative in 2017 based on data: 70% of the population surrounding Le Parc Park did not know about or enjoy the programs offered at this facility, so in 2017 this program was developed for the first time.

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“We are now re-issuing the Le Parc neighborhood program to offer residents an offer of 15 workshops in principle, in an attempt to cover all age groups, i.e. infants, teenagers, adults and the elderly,” the mayor then said.

Furthermore, “the agreement also sets the terms for the maintenance of all this infrastructure, I mean the infrastructure of Le Parc,” Calvente said.


From the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, “We are on this path, and we are proposing a path” to the province’s municipalities, Gareca said. “Let's say that public affairs is also everyone's obligation. With Marcos (Calvente) we have the same harmony. Of course we have spoken with some mayors and are working to develop a more federal vision of culture. What we have come to propose over these four years with the governor is that there are several centers that can be benefited from.

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