The man who beat the woman was sentenced to 49 years in prison

Hermosilo.- Obtained from the evidence presented by the staff of FGJE Sonora, approved by the judges of the first mixed chamber of the State Supreme Court (SDJE). 49 years in prison To Jose Martin Virut Saltamondo who Beat a girl From May 2019 in Navajo.

Faced a cunning attack from behind Entrepreneur Elvia Ochoa, The judges, who were in danger of losing their lives due to severe head trauma and internal bleeding, upheld the sentence for the person responsible.

The defense of 49-year-old Jose Martin Wrote has appealed against the charges against him.

Staff of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Sonora (FGJE) were present during the hearing 27 Witnesses And chemical, fingerprint, computer, facial comparison, and investigative measures such as audio and video of the moment of the attack.

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The sentence was handed down in October 2020 Murder of a woman Attempted degree, sentenced to 40 years imprisonment, i.e. maximum fine, and 9 years imprisonment for the crime of robbery in a business establishment open to the public.

To this day, the judges of SDJE Sonora’s first mixed room Verifies sources provided by FGJE And attached to the case, where he featured the baseball bat that Jose Martin Vroot used to hit his victim from behind. He posed as a customer.

In addition, security cameras of the business and videos of the business plaza and photographs taken at the scene were now filled in by 27 witnesses, including the nephew of the witness in charge.

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The State Attorney’s Office announced a medical examiner, two forensic experts, eight AMIC agents, a fingerprint expert, four specialists in chemistry, a computer engineer, an expert in facial comparison and an expert in register management. State (resides).

This aggression went viral on the internet Through a video recording, it was clear that the atrocity that hit Elvia Ochoa in the head caused great uproar and demand for justice.

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He dealt a blow to the head causing unsafe business entrepreneurs Severe head injury and internal bleeding It put his life in danger, for which he received medical treatment for several months.

Jose Martin Vrud took the victim’s bag, which contained several belongings and a laptop, and fled the scene to take the taxi to Ciudad O’Brien, where he was caught by elements of the minister’s criminal investigation agency. (AMIC).

Following that, a search was conducted at a home near Mission del Sol in Ciudad O’Brien, where a broken laptop, clothing and a hat worn on the day of the incident were recovered and videotaped.

Jose Martin Vrud was executed on an arrest warrant, he was linked to the process and placed in pre-trial detention where the opinions of various experts such as field criminal comments, fingerprints, photo footage, videos were used.

A facial comparison, fingerprint search reports, medical and genetic reports, a report on taking biological samples, as well as a series of interviews, assignments that strengthened the video record of the attack, were convicted.

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