The lottery player thought he won $25,000 in a sweepstakes, but the store clerk told him the prize was $250,000

The guy matches all seven numbers in the game “6/49”: 27144985, and wins the game’s jackpot.

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A man from Alberta, Canada was pleasantly surprised after discovering that he won more on a lottery ticket than he originally thought. and that is , When Vernon Burby of Sherwood Park takes his lottery ticket for the game “6/49” to a local store the day after the raffle to check if he has won anything, he is shocked to discover that he has won $250,000 Canadian (about $192,500) American).

The Daily Hive reports that Burpee remembers when he went to claim his prize at the Western Canada Lottery Company (WCLC) offices “I went and checked my tickets.”

I thought I won 25,000 Canadian dollars (about 19,260 USD). I checked it again and saw that it was just a few numbersso I then handed it over to the employee to review for me,” added the lucky winner.

Burby said he checked his ticket back into the lottery auto-verifier before he got a check to go with the cashier.

The guy matches all seven numbers of the winning bonus number: 27144985, and wins the game’s jackpot.

Burpee purchased her winning ticket at a 7-Eleven store at 9655 63rd Avenue on August 22.

The man said he would save his money. “I will put everything in the bank,” he said.

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