The launch of Square Enix’s ‘Outriders’ on Xbox Game Pass was a success, according to Square Enix.

According to Square Enix, the initiative to make Chariots offered on Xbox Game Pass from the start has paid off, as it has produced a larger established user base. Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda said that during the company’s full-year financial results briefing stating making Outriders available on the Xbox service Game Pass from the onset was the final determination. When asked about Outriders’ welcome, Matsuda reveals Square Enix had been “pleasantly surprised” by the game’s digital sales ratio, adding that “the number of active players has also topped our expectations.” 

He acknowledged that the game, designed by People Can Fly, had “slight issues with bugs and the like” at launch, but that it “has gotten off to a decent start as a new IP.” Outriders has already been played by over 3.5 million inhabitants, according to player numbers from May. Outriders was one of the first AAA third-party games to be made immediately available to Xbox Game Pass users when it debuted on April 1. Although Square Enix considers Outriders a success, Matsuda cautions that “it does not automatically equal that we will be developing other titles in the looter shooter genre like Outriders.”

In other news, Square Enix announced Stranger of Paradise – Final Fantasy Origin last Sunday (June 13). The game is a mash-up of different action genres, and the demo is currently viable for anyone to try — here’s what our writer would just have to say about either the gameplay. “We believe that our decision to make “Outriders” available with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass as soon as the title launched also ended up working,” some of the programmers said. Square Enix presented a financial results briefing in mid-May, which was recently translated into English. Surprisingly, the publisher was asked about the response to Outriders, and an executive responded by acknowledging that only the videogame had bugs and infrastructure problems at launch.

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With this, Square Enix expects Outriders will be a “pretty good start [for] a new IP,” noting that digital sales and the number of active users had exceeded expectations. The choice to offer the shooter on Xbox Game Pass day-and-date paid off over the event, based on the current corporation, significantly in relation to developing an instal base. All of this suggests that Square Enix considers Outriders to be a success. However, it’s clear what this could mean for the franchise in the foreseeable. People Can Fly Seeking a sequel doesn’t seem out of the topic, but who knows how long the title’s sudden popularity will only last? When it relates to the looter-shooter portion, due of its more narrative-driven characteristics, Outriders resemble Borderlands more than Destiny or The Division.


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