The last messages he sent to his fiance Nerea Godínez

Everyone knows that the famous actor passed away recently. Octavio Okana, He was always very loving and caring with his fiance Nerea Godinez, Who never stops remembering it and sharing what they have lived together little by little, many times with mobile internet users.

This time we will address Last posts He sent Share, Screenshots of the conversation that contains the last news in the life of ‘Benito Rivers’ translator.

On Neria’s official Instagram account, you can see pictures of the actor having a full conversation with her Partner, A moment full of honey even with photos and kisses.

You can see the great love that the couple had, he expressed how much he loved her and of course he showed her everything he loved.

It is noteworthy that Neria became embroiled in controversy by announcing his departure from this Social Websites, But they did the opposite, standing firm and increasing the number of their followers to almost 1 million, a situation put under the magnifying glass by many Internet users.

Nerea Godínez / Instagram

Nerea Godínez shared the last and most flexible message Octavio Ocaña sent him.

Theories arose, but of course there are many internet users who support her and ask her not to forget, it seems that she is not doing something she is not doing now and she has not stopped sharing content from both of them on the networks. , The wedding will take place next January 10th, every time this painful date is approaching.

Even his fianc மனைவிe shared several times the moment he agreed to marry her, which will be long in his memory and unfortunately could not be mentioned.

There is no doubt that this case will move users who feel emptiness like her, or at least those who come a little closer with a sense of empathy.

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