The influencer asks his followers for help in paying the debt to the treasury

Valdemar Santos Flores and his wife Arlene M., known in social networks as “Valdis of Rhodes”. Jimenez Rodriguez will face trial on tax evasion charges.

The decision was announced by the influencer and YouTuber in a video he posted on his accounts, in which he questioned whether he would go to jail in the “Puerto Rico vs. My Family” case.

And although he initially said the Treasury Department was unwilling to accept his offers to avoid facing legal action and jail time, he later released another video yesterday asking for funds to pay off the debt.

“They’re looking at the headline and practically asking for help. The ones who want it from the heart and the ones who don’t,” he said in a YouTube video titled ‘I Need Your Help Plan B Followers and Friends of Waltz of Road.’

As he agreed, the Treasury paid him half of the funds he was owed and worked out a payment plan for the rest of the money.

Santos Flores and his wife were indicted on April 6 for making a $900,000 donation to the Treasury Department. Specifically, defendants face 14 counts for violating section 6030.16(a). They allegedly omitted income for the taxable years 2017 to 2020.

However, Santos Flores said the amount has increased.

“It is a huge amount. This is not the first time. An agreement has already been reached. But, anyway, for someone like me, those are exorbitant numbers. I am not a millionaire. I am a hard working person,” he said without mentioning the number.

In the video asking for help, the email address is attached GoFundMe Financial assistance has been requested. So far, he’s raised $19,430, with a goal of $700,000.

The message on the page states that the applicant is “Eric Jimenez, brother-in-law of Waldemar Santos (aka Valdis of Road) and brother of Arlene Jimenez.”

“They are in dire financial straits directly linked to the Treasury Department due to 4 years of mismanagement of their accounts by their financial advisor and possible jail time as a result. I opened this GoFundMe account to support them and raise the funds needed to pay the Treasury Department. Due to this mismanagement and advice, the fines required, The total amount due to penalties and surcharges will almost triple the original loan”, it established.

After revealing the fundraising campaign for Santos Flores and his wife, Treasury spokesman Vilmar Trinta said the agency “does not intervene or intervene in the means used by a taxpayer to obtain evidence of compliance with their tax obligation.” , if it is lawful”.

Meanwhile, regarding donations, Trinda explained, “under the Internal Revenue Code, they are generally not taxable to the extent that they are not consideration in exchange for said donations.”

Before applying for funding, the influencer announced on Wednesday that it would go through an investigation.

“Unfortunately, the case is pending. After eight months of trying to reach an agreement, well, we couldn’t reach an agreement because the government (Treasury) didn’t accept any offer I made, and they didn’t give me any offer. To be honest, it is a very, very slow process.

“My intention is always to find a way to pay. Their intention is to collect the money, but to be able to pay so that one can continue to live and support my family,” he added.

The influencer, on the other hand, said that he is putting the matter in God’s hands and that “it will end now” and that the entire judicial process he is facing is “very difficult”.

“It’s already happened to a degree that we don’t want,” he concluded.

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