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Venezuela He returned to public view with “The House of Famous”, a reality show in which he participated with celebrities such as Cape Spaniard, Pablo Montero and Manelik Gonzalez. Isolated artists were monitored by more than 50 cameras in a TV studio like Home, which captured their coexistence moment by moment, pleasing the public and finally picking the first place.

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Almost three months later, in a show full of laughter, tears and spicy scenes, the former beauty queen was chosen as the winner. 40 million votes, Last Monday, November 15, receives a substantial award 200 thousand dollars in cash.

But Machado not only made money from being on the project, he also won a serious production.

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Alicia Machado wins “The House of Famous” final (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)

New look of Alicia Machado

The 44-year-old artist surprised the public with his updated look through social networks. Although marabine is characterized by an attractive physique, it is inevitable that it will not make a big difference in its size.

One of the photos that made internet users shut their mouths as he wore a tight red dress to attend the show ‘Today’, There you can see his toned arms and legs, as well as a very slender face.

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Weight loss of almost 12 kg

Machado admitted to losing பவு 25 while staying on a reality show, due to a new diet plan and physical training.

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“I lost 11kg, not 12 because I’m sad to say I lost 12kg”, Alicia revealed in a live broadcast Instagram.

Diet of Alicia Machado

The public was enthralled by her new look, and they did not hesitate to publish messages praising her image, claiming that she was more beautiful than he had received the Queen’s crown. Due to the drastic change in the film, his fans have asked him to share his secrets and have even chosen a name for his diet.

“A beautiful woman who had already picked me up at the airport today told me to make my own meal called The Alicia Diet from The House of Famous People. Then I will tell you my notes.”, Sentence for the actress.

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