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That’s how it’s held administration General Manager of Peruvian Hotel Association (SHP), Tibisay MonsalviPointing out that this situation responds to a series of factors that have occurred since the beginning of the year and are still present.

He pointed out that at the beginning of 2023, political instability had a tangential impact on tourist arrivals, taking into account that 74% of hotel visitors are business men and women.

In addition to this, what happened in some areas of the country. Strikes occurred in the south of the country and there was an impact on activities due to climatic conditions such as Hurricane Yako The same phenomenon Boy. Moreover, the recent security problems seem to have no brakes, resulting in… The government declares some areas of Lima a state of emergency.

The executive also noted that last month a problem arose at the country’s top attraction –Machu Picchu (Cusco)- Due to problems obtaining entry tickets. It should be noted that in light of this, the Ministry of Culture (Mincol) announced the sale of tickets for the Inca Castle This will be done through a digital platform.

It has been a completely negative year in terms of tourism. Hotel occupancy in 2019 was 74% for this date and now it has reached 45% (in Lima). “We have the lowest occupancy rate in the region.” He said.

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End of year parties and investments

Monsalvi also noted that the end-of-year travel season (Christmas and New Year) It will not be enough to change the tourism scenario observed throughout the year.

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“With the end-of-year campaign Salaries for the entire year 2023, basic water and electricity services, and banks will be paid? this is not enough. “It’s a campaign that only fills the hotel for a few days.”pointed out.

He also confirmed that Hotel investments have been cancelled. The consortium had expectations of creating 11 hotels annually so far “If there are three investments, it is a miracle.” He specified that some hotels have already made investments in the country, therefore Only those already scheduled continued.

“Investment sentiment is very low and another problem will be access Jorge Chavez International Airport. In 2025, the airport (passenger terminal) will be ready, but the access roads will be closed by the construction of the Lima Metro and then the Vía Expresa Santa Rosa will be closed by the construction of the bridge. “We’ll have a nice airport, but we won’t be able to get to it.”Detained.

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Tourist packages

For his part, the president said Peruvian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (Abavit), Ricardo Acostapointed to administration To date, 80% of the country’s tourism packages have been sold out. He added that despite an economic recession scenario like the one we are witnessing, this indicator will grow slightly. Tourist packages have been purchased until January 3.

The recession may prevent people from purchasing their tourism packages, but there are people who pre-purchase their packages in advance to ensure good prices. “I think the parcel acquisition rate will rise to 85%.”

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He pointed out that the interior regions of the country are the preferred areas for spending the end of the year holidays Cusco, Arequipa and the northern beaches. Meanwhile, international destinations include Cancun, Dominican Republic, Aruba and Cuba.


  • Abavit noted that with a good year-end holiday season, the Ministry of Foreign Trade’s target will be reached (Ministor) to reach 2.2 million international tourists.
  • In the field of domestic tourism, the goal is to reach 34 million trips in 2023, 25% higher than the 27 million trips last year.
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