The Honda Civic Type R 2023 was shown for the first time in Tokyo where it is being tested on the tracks

The updated Accord is missing the high-performance Honda Civic Type R version, which was unveiled in Tokyo today.

Detailed first presentation of the new Honda Civic Type R 2023, but introduced in Tokyo Motor Show 2022 It was a bit flat. Although the vehicle can be seen from different angles, it still retains the camouflage used in previous previews.

In the absence of a full disclosure of it EXTERIOR DESIGN AND FEATURES, the brand shared a video where you can watch the hatchback perform tests on the racetrack suzuki in japan, the natural environment of the Civic Type R.

Some photos taken inside during the exhibition allow us to see the improvements in the new model compared to its predecessor. new steering wheelHoneycomb panel design on the front panel, seats and seat belts red finishes;

Honda Civic Type R 2023

This was the look of the Honda Civic Type R

Despite the livery, there are many more elements to describe the new 2023 Honda Civic Type R. blackout exterior accessories, bumper frame honey and Edition badge on the front grill.

The lighting play and its hull lines work according to More traditional style Which was applied in the new generation of Honda Civic in general. Of course, the spoiler that comes out the back door is more athletic from the model.

From its rear view, it also draws attention to Triple exhaust portAnd, among other things, the Brembo brake assembly with red tweezers. Its wheels were also clearly lighter and the side rims looked bolder.

To the new design and underwear were added pedals made of alloy and a metal gear lever to turn on manual gearbox Six speeds the car was equipped with. Details added by the manufacturer to please the purists.

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That has yet to be confirmed, but the car is expected to be powered by a production-capable 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. 306 hp and 400 Nm of torque, In the meantime, Honda is proud that it will be a Type R with better performance from history

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