The High Court has given the green light to former President Saga’s request for his release earlier this year

Chamber judges confirmed that Saga will serve his 12- and one-and-a-half-year prison sentence on October 29, 2026 this year, which opens the door to his early release, judicial sources said.

Former President Elias Antonio Saga, who made a corruption confession, was today confirmed by the Mixed Room and Traffic Surveillance of the Second Prison Oversight Court’s decision that he should serve his prison sentence in October 2026, so in October this year, according to judicial sources, he could be sentenced to half and be released early.

The apex court ruled last September that Saga should serve his prison sentence on October 29, 2026, which means he will serve half his sentence on October 29 this year and may be released soon, judicial sources said.

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The prosecutor’s office asked the chamber to rescind that sentence, as he should have been suspended from ten years in prison for corrupt acts until he faces a two-year sentence for bribery, as his sentence was reduced to two years.

“Mr. Saga was detained on October 30, 2016, so he will have to serve ten years in prison on October 29, 2026,” the judge said. The half sentence (5 years) will be handed down on October 28, 2021; On June 27, 2023, the judge says he will serve two-thirds of his sentence

Saga was sentenced to 10 years in prison in September 2018 after pleading guilty to embezzling $ 301 million from the state, but the sentence is final until December 2019.

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In September 2019, Saga was sentenced to two years in prison for admitting to paying $ 10,000 to a judicial employee to help his former private secretary, Elmer Charleck, in an illegal enrichment mission.

This sentence was the first time he had begun to comply after the final months.

Therefore, according to the prosecutor’s office, the ten-year prison sentence for corruption should have been suspended, and that calculation should continue once the two-year sentence for bribery is completed.

Judicial sources said that in the first calculation made by the aforesaid court, Saga should have completed 10 years of the $ 301 million case on October 27, 2028.

The Prisons and Traffic Observatory ordered defense to overturn the court’s ruling and ordered a fresh count of ten years in prison in the corruption case, but without interfering with the two years he had already served for the bribe.

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