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'Hangar M45' is a themed restaurant located in the Manrique neighborhood of Medellin, cKnown for the exotic experience of flying in a helicopter after enjoying a gastronomic meal.

The space has gone viral on TikTok for its particular industrial setting, which simulates an actual hangar, sandwiched between air pads and airplane chairs that act as desks. It made news in the past few hours after a six-member crew crashed seconds after takeoff.

The site is advertised as a tourist destination to enjoy on any occasion, with the bonus of seeing the capital city of Antioquia from the sky.

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According to his official account, The place has a varied menu with signature dishes ranging from sushi to meats. Mentions some common food types around the world.

Due to its unusual aerial project, it did not go unnoticed by some TikTok users.

Many people have raised the question through social websites How much this particular option offered by the restaurant costs, It is not very common to find places where you can buy a private trip on this type of transport.

According to the user @vonvito, who has more than 500 thousand followers on the Asian network and shares reviews about some food places and cooking programs, he walked around the city for 20 minutes at the cost of a helicopter. $290,000 per person.

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This is beyond consumption as the trip is with the airline, so aspirants should take some time before boarding the flight as a safety and preventative measure.

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What can you eat in Hangar M45?

According to the website, you can find out Entrees like Argentinian empanadas x5 from 19,900 pesos, Smoked Salmon or Rib Tacos from 39,900, Pulled Heart of Palm from 32,900, Black Pudding and Banana Arrepitas for 27,900 pesos.

As for the main dishes, you can find out 'Rip Eye' for 150,000 pesos, Boneless rib-eye cut; 'New York', Tenderloin is the broadest cut of beef with a tender texture 132,000 pesos and 'T-Bone,' a T-shaped bone-in cut of beef fare 280,000 pesos.

As for drinks, the restaurant offers a full menu based on liquors and different styles, with prices ranging from 35,000 pesos to 52,000 pesos depending on the product.

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