The GTA VI trailer has been recreated in Minecraft at its best

GTA VI trailer entertainment is very common

GTA and Minecraft are two of the most successful franchises of all time

We could see that over the years GTA V has been the absolute king on Rockstar, according to the most recent Rockstar reports, translated into phenomenal sales exceeding 195 million units worldwide. Along with this title, there is another big hit from the last decade MinecraftSo it's not too strange to think about it A union between the two rights.

As Minecraft players have shown it, it can be seen in many different ways over time They can do it all with a Mojang game. However, we must talk about what a YouTube channel called Boranium has achieved in this regard Recreate the GTA VI trailer with Minecraft.

This GTA VI trailer has been recreated in Minecraft

To put it in context, let's say that the GTA VI trailer was screened December 2023 Like a minute and a half advance that was enough Will revolutionize social networking Ahead of the upcoming sixth installment of Rockstar's flagship IP. The trailer seems to have scored from it All kinds of records, including the most views in its first 24 hours. And it is worth trying for many people Recreate them in different ways.

It should be said that Boranium Art, a YouTube channel, has already made the GTA VI release date known in this way. Perfect recreation of GTA VI trailer with Minecraft It almost looks like an official product, incl All views seen. You can watch it below:

For the rest, all that remains is to remember it GTA VI for the PS5 and Xbox series will be released at some point in the future, a video game that hasn't announced its version for PC yet, but it's expected to arrive as well. On the other hand, Minecraft is available on many platforms including the present Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, iOS and Android.

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