The governor is withdrawing his appointment as Elba Uponte Santos Secretary of Education

Governor Pierre Lourdes Urrudia today and Saturday resigned over the appointment of Elba Aponte Santos as head of the Department of Education after giving a negative statement to a Senate Appointments Committee official.

In written statements, Pierre Lucie Urrutia affirmed the need for Abonte Santos to reopen schools and start face-to-face classes, in turn promising to immediately announce who he would appoint as head of education in the interim. basically.

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“This afternoon, I was informed of the decision of the majority of members of the Senate Nomination Committee on the report not recommending that Professor Elba Aponde be confirmed as Secretary of Education. After discussions with Professor Aponte, I withdraw his appointment,” the executive said within hours of the commission issuing a negative statement.

“Professor Abonde has all the credentials and was instrumental in guiding the safe reopening of schools. In addition, he has always given priority to the education of children in the public education system. I have only words of thanks for his detachment and dedication to the education of our next generation. I hope he will continue to contribute to our people. , “He added.

Accordingly Report issued by the Commission, Many senators and senators were skeptical about how schools dealing with earthquake-affected areas and how they would accommodate children in the Southwest region.

“As far as the direction of the Department of Education is concerned, I will immediately notify who the interim appointment is. We will continue to work without interruption so that, as I said before, our schools are safe and ready to reopen classes.” We continue to focus on building and repairing narrow columns, especially in areas affected by earthquakes. We will pay. My commitment to education will not stop there because we are shaping the future of our island, ”he said.

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