The government of Pedro Castillo in Peru announced its support for the dialogue in Venezuela and supported the liaison committee

Archive of the President of Peru, Pedro Castillo (Photo: EFE)

The Peruvian government expressed its support on Monday. “Whole and total“To Reactivating the Conversation Process To lead the way between Venezuela’s regime and opposition. “Free, fair and democratic electionsAnd in removing the sanctions imposed by the United States.

In a statement, Peru’s Foreign Minister, Hector Bazar, I consider it “The good news is that the process of dialogue between the opposition and the government, with Norwegian mediation, has been reactivated in Mexico City.”.

“We support any move aimed at contributing to the necessary dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition. An agreement can be reached to hold free, fair and democratic elections”, Revealed Bazar.

“We think this is a conversation It should also help create the conditions for the lifting of sanctions It will only affect the living conditions of the Venezuelan people, ”he added.

This week, several members of the Venezuelan opposition promised a start of talks next August 13, but the Venezuelan dictator, Nicolas Maduro has confirmed that this Sunday is not yet set.

Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guido
Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guido

Similarly, the Peruvian foreign minister promised International Liaison Committee, Developed by the European Union and several Latin American countries promoting a dialogue solution to the Venezuelan crisis.Presented today as the best alternative for coordinating international action“About Venezuela.

The Peru Group will promote all international initiatives around the Liaison Committee”, Bazar confirmed Harm to the Lima Group, Established four years ago to put pressure on Maduro by the government of right-wing former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (2016-2018).

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Although there is no official announcement about this yet The departure of the Lima Group in Peru is taken almost normally, Vladimir Seron, leader of the Marxist Free Peru ruling party, took it casually on social media.

Bazaar already last week a Reviewing Peru’s position in the Lima Group, Recall that there were other key partners who had already left when other governments came to power Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico.

Changes in Peru’s position on the Venezuelan crisis come after the victory of left-wing Castillo in the presidential election Keiko Fujimori And Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, George Arresa, Attended the President’s Investment in Lima and Ayakucho last week.

(With information from EFE)

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