The giants of Honduras won the division and defeated Guatemala

Texas, USA.

The football feast continued with adrenaline and passion as the legends of Honduras and Guatemala battled it out as they showcased their footballing quality.

The event took place in an impressive Lake Worth school setting where it was completely packed and Sabino fans were the majority, but the H’s did not play alone and had the warmth of their fans.

Both teams had great glories in eliminating Korea and Japan, which still maintains a very attractive position for sports fans.

The Honduran giants opened the scoring with Carlos Oliva’s score to give the fans joy but it wasn’t enough, it soon became 2-0 with Carlos Pavon’s score as he recalled his historic celebrations once again in style. ‘Flying Shadow’.

Guided by excellent captain Amato Guevara, the Catracha giants started to settle the contest, scoring the third goal through Milton ‘Tyson’ Nunes who found it.

At the end of the game, the Guatemalan giants conceded the score and with a penalty kick, Carlos ‘Pescadito’ converted it past Henry Enamorado.

The starting line-up of Honduran giants: Henry Enamorado, Samuel Caballero, Arnold Cruz, Mario Berrios; Mauricio Sabillon, Amato Guevara, Jose Luis (Flaco) Pineda, Carlos Oliva, Jocon Reyes, Carlos Pavon and Tyson Nunez.

Guatemala National Team, Carlos “Pescatido” Ruiz, Juan Carlos Plata, Panto Ramirez, Gonzalo “Salo” Romero, Martin Machon, “Loco” Rodriguez, Julio Giron, Edgar “Gado” Estrada, Israel; Sergio Navas, Jorge Rodas and Luis Reyes among others.

After this 3-1 win by the Honduran giants, the rematch requested by the Guatemalan team is already scheduled and could be played in November this year.

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