The gestures between Mbappé and Messi on PSG make clear how their relationship is

In the Champions League victory over him R.P. Leipzig, Messi and Mbappé each started a penalty, and the French were in love with Argentina.

Visit Lionel Messi Al Paris Saint-Germain led the French press to raise rumors of discontent Kylian Mbappé With Argentina. But it is clear that these are just rumors Champions League Against him R.P. Leipzig .

The PSG The score was tied at 2-2 on penalties Mbappé. Collector in absence Neymar, Out of the game due to injury, T-7 aired with a noble attitude Messi Take the punishment.

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The Argentine star accepted the Frenchman’s request and went for the ball. With lots of classes, Messi A ‘Panenka’ and put up 3 to 2 for the French team. At the end of the game, another penalty came, and it was time Mbappé Go to the ball.
But the Frenchman missed his shot from the penalty spot.

T-shirt scored 7 goals in a 3-2 win over Park Dose Frances Messi Dialed the other two. Andre Silva and Mugil They scored at the German club.

As a result, The PSG It beat the key points and advanced to Group A with seven points. Manchester City are second with six places Witches He is in third place with four. Leipzig Is the last with zero.

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At your next meeting, team Pochettino will face Olympic de Marseille Jorge Sampoli, next Sunday for the French Championship. Follow him directly on ESPN on Star +.

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