The gap between Facebook and Apple is widening .. The blue platform is attacking angrily

Launched Apple By the end of 2020, the Privacy Labels feature aims to protect users’ privacy as it provides greater transparency about the data collected by (iOS) applications, and declares that it applies to all applications, whether they come from third-party developers or company-owned applications. Apple itself, but it does not seem to appeal to many companies, especially Facebook, which make money from collecting user data.

The company carried out an unprecedented attack on Apple, and was charged Apple By endangering small businesses and the free internet, Facebook’s attack on Apple was for its own benefit, not the benefit of users.

What are the details?

Forbes Magazine compares the chat apps you can have on your phone – Signal, iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – using Apple’s new privacy stickers feature.

The Facebook Messenger app collects massive and intimidating data from every user compared to the other three apps, and even the Facebook-owned WhatsApp app may not collect the same data that the Messenger app collects, and this may be due to its support for the WhatsApp application (end-to-end encryption) feature. Therefore, the permissions to collect data in it are less than in Messenger.

In addition, the rest of the apps support end-to-end encryption, but they do not collect the vast amount of data that Facebook apps collect because Signal and iMessage provide the same protection, but they do not collect the same data.

The best use signal in protecting privacy is because all the personal data it accesses is your phone number and does not attempt to link it to your identity.

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IPhones and iPads know that Apple collects user data through the default messaging app on iMessage, but the difference is huge compared to the Facebook Messenger app, and the privacy stickers apply to Apple apps as well, not just third-party apps.

A set of changes

Privacy stickers are part of a series of changes introduced by Apple in 2020 to provide additional alerts when collecting data on its devices, and the company is on track to launch a new privacy feature that requires developers to seek explicit permission to track iOS device users on iOS devices and websites. .

This plan was required for the release of the iOS 14 release, but Apple announced in September 2020 that it would give developers more time to comply as it would delay the release of features until 2021 this year.

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